Top 5 Places to Eat In Chemainus

There are some amazing places to Eat in the little ole town of Chemainus.  We are so lucky to have a community with a wide variety of all cuisines from Italian to Chinese in which ever restaurant is Amazing.  Here are my top favorites:

 Saw Mill Tap House and Grill: Price $14.00 to $22.00

 A newer restaurant to the community, but wow this restaurant doe snot fall short of AMAZING.  Not only is the food superb but the selection of craft beer is outstanding.  MUST TRY - Diovala Pizza 12", 50/50 burger Taphouse Burger and Smoked Brisket Beef.  It's even a great place to meet with clients. 

Address: #201B, 3055 Oak St.,Chemainus, BC, V0R 1K1

Owl's Nest Bakery: Price $7.00 to $12.00

The Owl's Nest is a a great place to a enjoy a coffee or to have a light snack.  You must try the Eggs Benedict it is amazing.  Its a great place to meet locals within the community and enjoy the ambiance.  Gluten Free options available. 

Address: 9752 Willow St, Chemainus, BC V0R 1K0

Wing Cafe: Price $10.00 to $15.00

The Longest standing restaurant in Chemainus. If you are looking for the BEST fries and Gravy in the world, this is yours place.  Wings Cafe is a family style restaurants with a wide variety of food from Chinese to Indian to Canada. Must try - Curry Chicken, The crispy wings and Chinese Buffet. Wear your stretchy pants. 

 Address: 9765 Chemainus Rd, Chemainus, BC V0R 1K0

Bonnie Martin Eats: $10.00 to $15.00

This is another great Family style restaurants with large portions and an affordable price tag. Must try the Bonnie Martin Combo and has the BEST  Won Ton Soup.   Bonnie Martins offers weekly specials  and every two weeks there is Chinese food Special.  Love this Family run Business. 

Address: 2877 Mill Street, Chemainus, BC V0R 1K0


Odika Cafe $15.00 - $20.00


What a great restaurant with a mixture of all different types of cuisines. It's is place that everyone will find something they will love. With very fresh and locally bought food and a great ambiance for a cherry on the top.  Must try Bacon Cheddar Burger, Turkey Smoked Bacon Sandwich and mushroom stuffed ravioli. 

Address: 2976 Mill Street, Chemainus, BC V0R 1K0



Other amazing Restaurants - Saltair Pub, Willow Street Cafe, Dayliner Cafe, Pho Triple 7, Utopia Bakery!