Facts About The Johnson Street Bridge - Victoria BC

The Johnson Street Bridge designed by  Strauss Bascule Company  is Located in Victoria BC  and is a iconic feature of the city. The iconic bridge is easily noticeable for its bright blue colour and the uniqueness on how  the bridge draws upwards to allow passage of boats mainly VIA Rail Dayliner. 

When the bridge was first constructed in 1924 half of the bridge was dedicated for railway and the other half was dedicated for public use.  The railway portion of the bridge were removed in 2012 due to unsafe conditions to the public.  When first constructed the bridge cost and estimated One million dollars, but over the years it has underwent multiply renovations and seismic upgrades. The original surface of the deck was wood which was replaced with steel 40 years later. The bridge as of 2017 is undergoing major reconstruction and is to be completed in 2018.

If you are a resident of Vancouver Island or tourist enjoying the city you MUST watch this bridge open it is amazing to watch.

Johnson Street Bridge